Open Source Projects

I am Speed - Android speedometer app with Heads-Up Display and Picture-in-Picture modes

Tags: Android, Kotlin, MVVM

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adbPullAs - adb pull wrapper to pull package private files from Android devices, no root required

Tags: Python, Android, adb

adbPullAs on PyPI

Documenter - pdf, word 2000, 97, 95 and 96 converter to HTML - Reference application for pdf2htmlEX-Android and wvWare-Android libraries

Tags: Android, Kotlin, MVVM

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pdf2htmlEX-Android - Android port of pdf2htmlEX

Tags: Android, C/C++, NDK, JNI, AAR, Linux, CMake, Gradle

Maven Central

pdf2htmlEX is a cross-platform (unix) command line program for converting PDF files to HTML without losing text or format.
Problem scope is porting the program itself and all (20+) it’s dependencies to Android.
pdf2htmlEX-Android packaged as a library in MavenCentral.

wvWare-Android - Android port of wvWare

Tags: Android, C/C++, NDK, JNI, AAR, Linux, CMake, Gradle

Maven Central

wvWare is a cross-platform (unix) library to load and parse Word 2000, 97, 95 and 6 files.
Problem scope is similar to pdf2htmlEX-Android - porting the program and it’s dependencies to Android.
wvWare-Android packaged as a library in MavenCentral.

Maintainer of android-actions/setup-android

Tags: CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Android

GitHub Action to install Android SDK tools. Was needed when GitHub Actions Virtual Environments did not have Android SDK tools preinstalled. Still needed on self-hosted runners.


Tags: CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Android, AAR, Instrumented Testing,

Template project, blueprint for other projects.
Android library built and tested on a matrix of Android emulators completely in GitHub Actions CI pipeline.
Manually gated CD pipeline promotes the very same tested artifact from CI pipeline to MavenCentral.